French Door vs Side by Side Refrigerator

The french door vs side by side refrigerator debate is ongoing. Both French Door Refrigerators and Side by Side Fridges use the split door design as a space saving convenience. If you are pressed for room in your kitchen, for example if you have an island in the middle of the room, the slimmer out swinging doors are convenient. Both designs often feature an ice maker in the left door, which when inset, takes space away from the interior of the machine.

Advantages of a French Door Refrigerator Over a Side-by-Side

  1. Larger Interior Space

A French Door Refrigerator gives you access to the whole breath of the fridge since almost half of that is no longer taken up by the freezer compartment. This makes it far more practical for storing large pizza boxes, wide pans and such.

2. Greater Width and Customizable Space

French Door refrigerators tend to be larger than side-by-side fridges. Some also come with adjustable shelves. This makes the refrigeration unit adaptable to allow you to store taller items (by removing the shelf above), for example. The best designed of these allow you to move the shelf on one side of the unit while the other shelf -on the same level- stays in place. Deep door bins are often an additional feature of these machines. In the french door vs side by side refrigerator debate, this gives a clear advantage to the former.

3. Greater Accessibility

Because the refrigeration unit is the most often accessed part of the fridge, it is convenient to have this space be generally at eye level, given that the freezer unit is at the bottom. This makes organizing easier and allows you to be generally aware of where exactly things are in the unit. With French door Refrigerators, you are less likely to forget an old cut of meat or fruit left at the back of a bottom shelf as would be the case with -for example- one of the older top-mount models.

4. The Crisper Unit: the Chill Drawer

Many French Door Refrigerator models have an added compartment between the freezer and the refrigeration units. This is designed for items which need to be in a cooler environment than the fridge itself. When this compartment is a crisper, it also allows for the variation of moisture in the drawer, this to preserve vegetables and fruit and items with short preservation life spans.

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