French Door Fridge Sale

Sleek, modern, practical and aesthetically appealing, the French Door Fridge is the most favored design for refrigerators for the last several years. It’s easy to see why. The architecture of the machine offers:

  • Larger interior space than previous standard designs such as the Top Mount and the Side-by-Side
  • Greater access to the refrigeration unit
  • Fold out doors half the width of the fridge, allowing for a space saving design
  • Better site lines into the interior of the fridge
  • Superior internal organization of space due to adjustable shelving in many models
  • The addition of a crisper drawer, which is designed to better preserve foodstuffs needing temperatures colder than the refrigerator, but warmer than the freezer
  • Greater refrigeration efficiency, since only one door generally needs to be opened at a time, allowing the other door to remain closed

French Door Fridge Price Difference

Yes, it’s true that on average, a french door fridge comes with a higher price point, but the practical benefits as well as the stylistic advantages and aesthetic advancements explain this.

We are featuring top models from the major manufacturers, with an eye on merchants offering significant discounts on premier models:

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