Buying a Refrigerator: Part 4 – Smart Fridges

As noted in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on buying a refrigerator, once you have made a decision on the style of fridge you prefer as well as what you primarily intend to use it for, it is now time to decide what extra features and functionalities you want.

Modern refrigerator manufacturers offer a number of advanced technical innovations which turn a standard fridge into a smart appliance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity!

Yes indeed! When buying a new refrigerator, consider a number of technological advances made by manufacturers in recent years. Connected fridges, for example, allow you to perform numerous functions through your appliance and by connecting to your cellphone via an app. Do you need a new recipe? Would you like to prepare a grocery list, having just checked what you’ve run out of? Don’t know what you are running out of and want to remotely view the inside of your fridge? Want to adjust temperature of particular drawers or areas of the fridge remotely? How about just leaving a note for the rest of the family? Perhaps you’d like to have something as convenient as just being able to play some music while you cook!

Touchscreen Functionality!

Similar to your tablet, many advanced fridge models now have convenient touchscreens on a refrigerator door. Enter commands and receive information by wifi instantly. Get cooking tips! Check the date you purchased that package of meat at the back of the lower shelf. Program your defroster. Get a weather forecast or the latest news. It’s all right there at your fingertips!

Even more advanced models allow voice commands usually by integrating with other utilities such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. A smart refrigerator may not be absolutely necessary, but the conveniences it offers cannot be denied.

Smart Fridge Price Points

Understandably, the added functionalities noted above come with a leap in price tag. We will be featuring a number of smart models of major brands below, however, as a general rule, prices for smart refrigerators range from the low $2,000 range to well into the $3,000 range for the most advanced features.

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