How to Buy a Refrigerator: A Guide – Part 2

2) What will be the Main Use of the Refrigerator?

In deciding how to buy a refrigerator, keep your primary objectives in mind. Would your new appliance be for keeping vegetables, cooked food, perishable items such as milk and eggs, frozen snacks, meat……? A clear idea of what you are most likely to want to keep fresh should influence your decision. Many modern fridges have advanced features such as a crisper drawer or humidity control drawers, which are designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods.

Internal organization of the refrigeration unit is also important. Consider the vertical space between shelves, for example. Or the depth and design of in-door shelving. Or whether shelves are designed to be adjustable. This will make a great difference in the efficiency of your use of the refrigerator’s space. How often will you use the freezer? If you will be doing this a lot, consider a side-by-side model, where the freezer is alongside the fridge…at the same level, so you are not constantly bending down to access it, as in the case of bottom-mount fridges. Otherwise french door refrigerators offer superior advantages noted elsewhere on this site.

Should You Buy a Refrigerator with Added Utilities?

Do you really need an ice dispenser? How about a chill drawer? Do you need separate drawers with adjustable temperature features?

Many of these additional utilities come with a higher price tag. Ultimately, the decision is yours, in deciding how to buy a refrigerator. If you end up with an appliance that gives you great satisfaction, refrigerators are such a major part of your quality of life, that it may well be worth the extra expense, particularly since you buy a fridge as a long term expenditure, with the better models from major manufacturers lasting for several years.

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