Buy a New Refrigerator: Part 3 – Hi Tech Utilities!

Recent years have seen a number of imaginative technological innovations offering numerous conveniences when you buy a new refrigerator. These are beyond those available with standard fridges. For french door refrigerators and side by side fridges, some examples of these are:

Built in Water Filter/Dispencer

Built into the door of your appliance, these allow you to grab a quick glass of cold water, filtered. The utility however requires specific plumbing, so you need to be sure that there is enough room around your fridge to allow for this. Depending on your tap water source, this can be a source of purification which saves you the cost of purchasing bottled water.

Ice Dispenser

Very convenient, but with the disadvantage that the space taken up by this add-on (for through-the-door models) reduces the amount of room available in the refrigerator itself. Space in a french door refrigerator is at a premium. When you buy a new refrigerator, consider a model with removable or adjustable shelving, which will allow you to compensate for space taken up by an ice dispensing unit by configuring shelves to compensate.

Hot Water Dispenser

Yes, it seems contradictory, but you can actually get warm water from your fridge to prepare that morning cup of coffee or your favorite tea. Smart refrigerator models will also allow you to program the heating cycle so your water is ready precisely when you want it daily.

Sparkling Water Maker

Create a cold carbonated drink right from home. Add flavorings automatically.

Food Preservation Drawers

By adjusting the moisture in particular drawers, parts of your fridge can be tailored for the preservation of particular vegetables, fruit and other foods. Reducing the humidity in a shelf will preserve leafy greens much longer, for example. Also control temperature of specific drawers such as the chill drawer.

Suggested Models

We’ll be featuring a number of leading manufacturers of the model types described above. Please bookmark this page!

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