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The increase in Black Fridge sale numbers over the last few decades shows no sign of declining. As with the color white, black appliances offer a striking, distinctive character to a kitchen which accent the style choices made in layout and design.

Black matches well with most other color choices. Your choices for cabinets, dishwasher, stove, back splashes, walls and tile can be enhanced by this choice of this color for your refrigerator.

Additionally, there are a variety of hues for refrigerators in this color range. This can be from coal black to subtler shades of dark stainless steel. You can opt for a matte finish or a clean, smudge proof metallic sheen.

Black Fridge Sale Deals and Price Drops

We are Featuring models from premier manufacturers: LG, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung and more. Although our focus on this site is on French Door Refrigerators, we offer here the full range of styles: Side-by-Side, Top Mount, Bottom Mount, Commercial, Mini Fridges and more. The focus is on french door refrigerators.

Below are featured models from three retailers offering sharp black fridge sale discounts at this time: Amazon, RC Willey and Best Buy. To go directly to the merchant offer pages, click right below. Alternatively, view the selection of refrigerator bargains we’ve chosen further down this page:

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More on Color Considerations

The variations obtainable in color and type of finish mean that you can choose a refrigerator color which not only provides contrast, but can be a bridge tying other parts of your kitchen together. Warm grays, for example, are common in black fridge models, a variation from the stark and barren steely industrial look that has been popular since the 90’s.

The industrial look now seems dated. It provided a contemporary feel then, all metal and strikingly imposing, but it also had a certain barrenness which modern tastes have overgrown.

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